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Surge Capacity Planning Tools

When a disaster happens, health care providers are expected to care for many times more patients than they usually do.  Public health agencies are expected to coordinate and facilitate this expanded capacity.  There's no shortage of articles, white papers, and conferences to tell you what you're expected to do.  We're here to show you how, and to provide you with tools to help you.

Surge Capacity PlannerTM

Some folks will tell you that it’s not possible to collect and maintain detailed data on health care resources: There are too many providers, too many different types of resources, and the inventory is always changing. But as a planner, how can you know whether you have enough, if you don’t know how much you have? Read more…

Surge Capacity SimulatorTM

Will you have enough hospital beds when a pandemic hits your community? How about ventilators? Where is the best place to set up temporary hospitals?

You may have seen simulations that will tell you how many people in your communities will become ill during a pandemic. But how does that translate into planning resource acquisitions and deployment? 
Read more…