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Tornadoes, winter storms, and wildfires - there are many types of natural disasters that can disrupt our lives and our work. Disruption can also be the result of manmade emergencies, either accidents or attacks. The H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic that occurred in 2010 was a mild one, but reminds us that we never know when a new version of the flu will appear. The next “new flu” may make people a lot sicker and may cause more disruption to our communities.

The following planning kits provide specific steps that organizations and individuals can take to be ready for a variety of emergencies.

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  • Essential Workers

    This planning kit was developed to help employees of critical infrastructure organizations stay safe and healthy during an influenza pandemic. This kit also aims to help workers prepare their families, because we realize that no one can concentrate on their job if their family is not taken care of.

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  • Small Residential Providers

    This kit was designed for small group homes or assisted living homes with only a handful of employees. Worksheets are included to help you develop plans to evacuate, shelter-in-place, and continue your operations when a disaster causes serious damage to the community around you. It also helps you plan for an influenza pandemic.

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  • Small Outpatient Behavioral Health Providers

    This planning kit was designed for outpatient behavioral health providers in private practice, such as psychologists and social workers. It will help you to increase the resilience of your practice when facing disruptions caused by natural disasters, large scale accidents or terrorist attacks, and a disease pandemic. It will also help you to be there for your clients when they need you the most.

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